Month: August 2016

Why the Remake?

It has come to my attention that many of the films being created are not original ideas anymore. The films that have originality are now seen and labelled as independent films that may be unable to endure the mainstream crowd of blockbusters, sequels and adaptations. In this case the films being created are either reboots of blockbusters, remakes of classics or sequels to beloved films. Audiences, Critics and Creators are getting frustrated with the wrong films, they are paying attention to the blockbusters and how wrong they are instead of focusing on independent films or films that have originality. The blockbusters will always be there, whether they are good or bad, audiences are apart of a brand and no amount of negativity will get them to change their views.


I have been inspired to write this post by the remake of Ben-Hur. This film directed by William Wyler, who is a complete visionary in 1959 was instantly labelled as a classic. It was labelled as an epic because it was an epic in every single way you could categorize an epic. You had one of the biggest stars in Charlton Heston and a powerful story. In 1960 Ben-Hur swept, this film swept the Academy Awards and won Best Picture. If Ben-Hur did all this and is categorized as a classic, why would anyone even think to remake it? Ben-Hur was not a blockbuster in 1959, it was not only about an epic chariot race there was more to the story than that. They reduced an epic that William Wyler created into a summer BlockBust. This is my problem with Remakes of Classics, they are classics for a reason. Do not touch them at all. Leave them alone. There is absolutely no way anyone can recapture these epics in all their glory because it was done in a period where they did not rely on technology to enhance the storyline at all. There was an uproar for Ghostbusters because it was being rebooted with an all female cast but the real crime here is remaking a classic.  I can’t stress enough that these films were made so differently, they were structured as two acts with an intermission in the middle and they felt the need to tell this story. Ben-Hur is one film that has been watched repeatedly, it is one of the few like The Ten Commandments and The King of Kings that are actually shown on specific holidays. This remake of Ben-Hur is a horrible way to honour a film of this calibre, an Oscar winning film.





Lone Survivor Review 

    Lone Survivor is a film of pure, honest patriotism that Peter Berg delivers in the most natural way. This film demonstrates the act of courage not just from the American soldiers but those who are fighting in Afghanistan against these extremist groups. I cannot stress enough the importance of this film and how it conveys the fine line between who to trust and who not to trust. 
    The way this film is structured is unlike war dramas before it. The observational documentary style integrated with close knit action sequences in the field created a warlike aesthetic that can only be found in the field. It was so incredibly well done and it enhanced the simplicity of the story. Everything about this film captures the truest perception of war whether it’s the point of view of the soldier or the people living in danger amongst these extremist groups in their country. This film truly is a remarkable statement to make in order to properly depict these war zone situations. I admire what Peter Berg did with this film and he and his cast and his crew brought us the most honest war drama to date.

Batman v Superman Review

Okay. I have read so many reviews completely trashing this film and I have no idea what movie some people are watching?

I understand where the critics are coming from but it really isn’t that bad. Zack Snyder did a wonderful job with reinventing Bruce Wayne and Batman, Ben Affleck is the BEST Batman that we have ever gotten and he is the Batman fans deserve. Zack Snyder does such an incredible job with creating this huge universe in such a unique way. I will admit that the first half of this film was extremely long and could have been cut down because all it was, was setting up the characters and the second half of the film. It was slow, the pacing was off at first. Snyder showed us the same story that we’ve seen but from Bruce’s perspective, which I quite enjoyed. Snyder gave us the Batman origins story in a really wicked way, it showed the power of Bruce and where his strength originates from and resonates within him. They wrote Bruce Wayne in the best way possible and I thank Terrio and Goyer for giving us Batman in all his glory.

The whole film is character driven, the plot really doesn’t even matter and to be perfectly honest I didn’t even focus on the plot but I focused on the characters and the character interactions because that is why this movie was made. This was fan service in the best possible form, Snyder focused on bringing the best comic book adaptation that he could and he did, he did deliver. The second half of the film is what dreams were made of, seeing them battle, seeing the three of them standing together against Doomsday was overwhelming. Snyder made a huge movie, it’s big and explosive and brings us into the world of Gotham and Metropolis quite seamlessly.

As for the other characters in the film, Gal Godot was fierce, regal and powerful as Diana Prince with the very little screen time she had, she developed a strong subtle presence that was needed for her character. The second Wonder Woman appeared, she really did own the screen and overpowered the rest of them. Jesse Eisenberg brought us a different Lex Luthor, he wasn’t intimidating but he was creepy, psychotic and a complete lunatic who was a ticking time bomb. He was quick witted and sharp, you hung on his every word. Amy Adams was pretty kick ass in this as well, I really enjoyed her progression as Lois Lane, she had much more to do in this film and was essential to the plot of the film. They also managed to integrate the cameos in the most subtle but effective way. I really enjoyed how Snyder managed to set up the Justice League he did a really good job with that.

The one problem I did have with this film was that the writing for Clark Kent was non existent. Henry Cavill was so restricted in his actions and his story that he was underwhelming. I wanted him to do so much more in this one but he took a backseat to Bruce Wayne and Batman. This wasn’t a Superman movie at all, it should have been considered a solo Batman film because Superman was the secondary character in his own film. I know it says Batman v Superman but Bruce Wayne overpowered everyone (which I’m also not complaining because Ben was incredible) I just really wanted Clark to have some sort of character development but he was just there, he was just Superman and he didn’t progress.

In conclusion, the first half of this film is really slow and really long and should have been edited. The second half was amazing and the pros outweigh the cons. Once the fighting kicks in and they all band together, it is a dream come true and comic book fans will be so happy with this. If we could erase the first half and just remember the glorious second half then it’s the movie that we have been waiting for. It is not as bad as critics are making it out to be, I found it rather enjoyable because we finally have an incredible Bruce Wayne who was the driving force of this film and we finally have a gritty Batman who is ruthless and actually has incredible fight scenes. Zack Snyder brought us the best possible comic book adaptation, he couldn’t have done it any other way.

Sausage Party Review 

Once you see this shit, it’ll screw you up for life. 

An actual line said in this film and let me tell you it sums up the entire experience of Sausage Party. It was beautifully animated for a film that had no relation to Dreamworks or Pixar, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It was set up perfectly, the story line was simple but the characters were something out of the ordinary. I loved every single second of this and I have to thank Seth Rogen for coming up with such a brilliant concept. He worked tirelessly with his team for about 10 years and this is truly a wonderful product. I am so happy that he was able to snag Alan Menken to compose the score because it made it so much richer and vibrant, it suited the feel of the film so well. I always say Seth Rogen films are an acquired taste and I must say this film is not for everyone. This film has everything imaginable, every innuendo about food that anyone has ever made is in this movie. What I absolutely loved about this film and it really is what Seth and Jonah Hill do best is really touch upon social issues facing society today and adding a light comedic vibe to it. It paralleled our world and society in so many ways and I truly admire them for it. The cast was wonderful, so many familiar voices that made appearances and I truly loved every second of it. It gets out of hand towards the end but hey, it’s Rated R for a damn reason, might as well throw everything in there.

Suicide Squad Review


DC has presented the world with possibly the greatest villains of all time, well the greatest Batman villains in this case. David Ayer tries his best to bring forth the Squad in all it’s glory but it falls short. Sure, it was lots of fun between the characters and the banter was hilarious but the structure was a complete mess and the editing was completely off. They tried to cram so much when they didn’t need to, there were too many backstories to try and squeeze in, in order to make any other character besides Harley and Deadshot appear relevant in any way. I really wanted to love this, it breaks my heart that I didn’t because the characters are just so rich and DC writes them and created them so well.

Margot Robbie was incredible as Harley, I could literally watch her for a full two hours doing absolutely anything. Margot nailed the characterization and she had excellent chemistry with Will Smith. Will Smith was the driving force of this film, he was flawless, his characterization was spot on, it was beautiful. Deadshot and Harley were equals in this and I want to see more of them. As for the others, Jai Courtney really stole the show as Captain Boomerang and Diablo was rather intriguing, Killer Croc had his moments, Enchantress was absolutely lethal but the most underused character was Katana and that really annoyed me.

Jared Leto’s Joker was cringeworthy, he made me uncomfortable because I feel like he was trying way too hard. I did not like the way he portrayed him and I hated every single second of the Harley/Joker story line. Again, Harley Quinn outshines the Joker and they did not compliment each other, I felt that Jared had to keep up with Margot’s craziness. His crazy did not match her crazy and that was a major problem.

Long story short, the beginning was a mess, the ending was forgettable and the middle kind of had some goodness to it. The middle with the SKWAD was lighthearted, extremely funny, had great banter and it really was great to see the bad guys having some fun and peeling back the layers of the villains. It was different, it was a different side to comic book films and it does have some good moments.