Suicide Squad Review


DC has presented the world with possibly the greatest villains of all time, well the greatest Batman villains in this case. David Ayer tries his best to bring forth the Squad in all it’s glory but it falls short. Sure, it was lots of fun between the characters and the banter was hilarious but the structure was a complete mess and the editing was completely off. They tried to cram so much when they didn’t need to, there were too many backstories to try and squeeze in, in order to make any other character besides Harley and Deadshot appear relevant in any way. I really wanted to love this, it breaks my heart that I didn’t because the characters are just so rich and DC writes them and created them so well.

Margot Robbie was incredible as Harley, I could literally watch her for a full two hours doing absolutely anything. Margot nailed the characterization and she had excellent chemistry with Will Smith. Will Smith was the driving force of this film, he was flawless, his characterization was spot on, it was beautiful. Deadshot and Harley were equals in this and I want to see more of them. As for the others, Jai Courtney really stole the show as Captain Boomerang and Diablo was rather intriguing, Killer Croc had his moments, Enchantress was absolutely lethal but the most underused character was Katana and that really annoyed me.

Jared Leto’s Joker was cringeworthy, he made me uncomfortable because I feel like he was trying way too hard. I did not like the way he portrayed him and I hated every single second of the Harley/Joker story line. Again, Harley Quinn outshines the Joker and they did not compliment each other, I felt that Jared had to keep up with Margot’s craziness. His crazy did not match her crazy and that was a major problem.

Long story short, the beginning was a mess, the ending was forgettable and the middle kind of had some goodness to it. The middle with the SKWAD was lighthearted, extremely funny, had great banter and it really was great to see the bad guys having some fun and peeling back the layers of the villains. It was different, it was a different side to comic book films and it does have some good moments.



  1. Cringeworthy is a great way to sum up Jared Leto’s Joker. He tries so hard to be obviously creepy that he overdoes it. It’s like he watched Jim Carrey’s performance as The Riddler and thought, “Oh I can do that!” His tics and manner are more distracting than menacing, made all the more disappointing by the fact that Margot Robbie expressed Harley’s villainy through the make-up and not because of it. I believe Amanda Waller when she said Harley Quinn is more dangerous than The Joker, and far more fearless – which is exactly what I’d say in comparing the their performances.

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