Lone Survivor Review 

    Lone Survivor is a film of pure, honest patriotism that Peter Berg delivers in the most natural way. This film demonstrates the act of courage not just from the American soldiers but those who are fighting in Afghanistan against these extremist groups. I cannot stress enough the importance of this film and how it conveys the fine line between who to trust and who not to trust. 
    The way this film is structured is unlike war dramas before it. The observational documentary style integrated with close knit action sequences in the field created a warlike aesthetic that can only be found in the field. It was so incredibly well done and it enhanced the simplicity of the story. Everything about this film captures the truest perception of war whether it’s the point of view of the soldier or the people living in danger amongst these extremist groups in their country. This film truly is a remarkable statement to make in order to properly depict these war zone situations. I admire what Peter Berg did with this film and he and his cast and his crew brought us the most honest war drama to date.


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