Sausage Party Review 

Once you see this shit, it’ll screw you up for life. 

An actual line said in this film and let me tell you it sums up the entire experience of Sausage Party. It was beautifully animated for a film that had no relation to Dreamworks or Pixar, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It was set up perfectly, the story line was simple but the characters were something out of the ordinary. I loved every single second of this and I have to thank Seth Rogen for coming up with such a brilliant concept. He worked tirelessly with his team for about 10 years and this is truly a wonderful product. I am so happy that he was able to snag Alan Menken to compose the score because it made it so much richer and vibrant, it suited the feel of the film so well. I always say Seth Rogen films are an acquired taste and I must say this film is not for everyone. This film has everything imaginable, every innuendo about food that anyone has ever made is in this movie. What I absolutely loved about this film and it really is what Seth and Jonah Hill do best is really touch upon social issues facing society today and adding a light comedic vibe to it. It paralleled our world and society in so many ways and I truly admire them for it. The cast was wonderful, so many familiar voices that made appearances and I truly loved every second of it. It gets out of hand towards the end but hey, it’s Rated R for a damn reason, might as well throw everything in there.


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