Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

David Yates brings us into the world of magic and wizards yet again and it was a pretty decent opening to another saga. David Yates did wonders with Harry Potter and creating such a magical atmosphere. Yates knows what he is doing and it showed with the extension of the wizarding world in New York. It felt like I was going back home, with every flick of the wand or memorable composition it was a rather comfortable film to sit through. I enjoyed the fact that it was not an introduction to magic but it was an expansion of the magic that we have seen used in the past.

It was light-hearted and fun, Eddie Redmayne was fantastic as Newt Scamander. Eddie was incredibly charming, caring and tender with everyone, not only his Beasts. He normally exudes kindness in reality so in the wizarding world as a protecter of magical beasts he was perfection. We have some lovely new additions to the world with Tina and Queenie who are both such strong witches who use their own advantages. You will fall in love with Queenie within the first few seconds of meeting her. Ezra Miller, surprised me as Credence, I thought he developed a wonderful complex character!! Once everyone began working together, there was a nice flow to it and it was exciting to see what popped out of his little briefcase.

Perhaps, I’m biased because I grew up with Harry Potter and Hogwarts always felt like home but Fantastic Beasts was a wonderful addition.

It had a slow start because of the many subplots they had to setup but that wasn’t the problem I had with this movie. Colin Farrell was a wonderful addition, the second the cast him I was so ready to watch the power he would bring as an Auror but sadly he was wasted. I never thought I’d see the day where they would waste a talent like Colin Farrell. For those who have seen this, you will understand what I mean because the second they announced Johnny Depp as Grindelwald I knew they were pulling a Dr. Parnassus. I understand why they cast Depp, for the longevity of the character and the series but they did Farrell so dirty in this and it disappointed me.


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