Denis Villeneuve is an exquisite, visionary director. He is one of the few who is able to challenge their audience with the execution of his films. Every single scene is placed in sequence for a reason, each movement is flawless and integral to unraveling the story. Arrival is possibly the best science fiction film that has ever been created because of how well the narrative is structured. The separate ideologies of science and language bleed into each other and both are effective as a whole. This film is deeply rooted in humanity and is relevant to where society is today.

Villeneuve created such a beautiful film, filled with experimental elements and unique compositions that truly left me speechless. He invents new ways to position the camera and fill the space with art. The story itself was brilliantly written and Amy Adams delivered a strong performance. There were many aspects of her character’s mind that filled the edges of the screen and the emotional connection to her humanity was felt.

I can go on and speak about the symbolism of the film but I do not have enough words to express how important this film is. The power of unity is the main theme of this film, among many other spiritual elements that exceed the science of humanity. Denis Villeneuve is a master of his craft, he deserves endless recognition for what he did with Arrival and I sure hope he gets it.


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