Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson returns with one of the most beautifully adapted acts of heroism I have ever seen. Hacksaw Ridge is possibly one of the best war films I have ever seen in my life and I was moved to tears by Andrew Garfield’s performance. The one thing I can give Mel Gibson is that he does not shy away from the brutal uninhibited violence that comes with being in the battlefield. This is such a well rounded war film that the paternalism is rooted heavily in patriotic nationalism and religious conviction.

Mel Gibson has always been a talented director and it clearly shows in this film. He made incredible choices on the battlefront and some scenes will probably stay with me for awhile. The brutality of it all really captures you, he is very blunt in showing how much of these soldiers lives are effected by any war. The story is powerful, Andrew Garfield gives a sincere emotional performance that he is perfectly suited for. Garfield has this kind gentleness that is carried in his eyes, he developed an emotional connection with the wounded soldiers and those who survived would remember him for that reason.

The main take away from this film is the power of unity, the power of compromise and the power of understanding everyone’s convictions even if you do not agree with them. We are all humans and Mel Gibson was able to incorporate many different positions that make up the constitution of America. He creates a subtext when discussing the fate of Doss in the United States army by showing how problematic their morals are when making decisions by also enforcing patriotism. This film has such great depth and so many layers that makes it a beautifully executed whole.


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