Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford is a visual artist. He fills the frame with such beautiful and vibrant pieces that will overwhelm you. This film is dark, cynical, twisted and painful to sit through because of the content and how well it is sewn together. Tom Ford truly delivers a piece of art that compliments A Single Man. I want him to continue making films because of how gifted a director and screenwriter he is.

First and foremost this cast is exceptional. Every single scene was so subtle and powerful that I was nervous for the majority of the film. The one that surprised me was Aaron Taylor Johnson, he had such a strong characterization that he absolutely terrified me. Also Jake Gyllenhaal deserves so much recognition for his work because he did an exceptional job in this film. I literally ask myself every single day where is Oscar is and I am always disappointed.

Ford chose to use a very choppy narrative in order for the character parallels to work. I found the story within a story quite interesting and the manuscript mirrored Susan’s life. This is how I would interpret the film as a whole considering it’s main theme was revenge. The ultimate revenge is what Edward served Susan after what she did to him. Every single scene was a puzzle piece that needed to be assembled by the end and yet there was still a piece missing physically and the audience had to add the final one to complete the puzzle. It is filled with symbolism that foreshadows the manuscript. It is an intricate piece that needs to be analyzed and understood by audiences.

Susan’s life was picked apart by Edward and that is why he dedicated this novel to her. I can give an in depth analysis of why Ford chose to use half naked women and why the colour red was so prominent in every scene and how Susan and Edward fading into each other is a genius way to create the illusion that they have had the other in mind. Their thoughts bleed into each other, their mind wanders to each other and they think about what they could have done differently.

I have already written too much but it is very difficult to write a review on this film without spoiling it. Jake Gyllenhaal is a brilliant actor and I adore this man, I just wish people would recognize how talented he is. Also, people need to see that


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