Moana Review

Moana is a wonderfully refreshing story about a young girl venturing out on a quest in order to fulfill her destiny. From the moment Moana began it showed how every child can already have leadership qualities within them and I was pleasantly surprised by that. As the elder went on to retell the legend of Maui, Moana was sitting wide-eyed, front and centre and I could feel the ambition through her eyes.

Disney has done incredible work but once they partnered with Pixar their animation has gone on another level. It was beautiful created, I audible gasped when I saw the water interacting with Moana. Disney managed to give an element – water – a personality and that is extraordinary. Moana’s animation is expertly crafted and very detailed which I appreciated it. I also appreciated the strength of our lead female character. It is wonderful to see the conventional narrative being turned on it’s head by having a young daughter inherit the family legacy. I was impressed with how they wrote for Moana and how everyone else fit into her narrative. I loved that not only was she soon to be chief but she was a warrior and is not really labelled as a princess! Given all this amazingness Disney had the awesome idea by having Lin Manuel Miranda blow us all away with the music that went along with Moana’s story, which was inspiring!


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