Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a film that needs to be seen. Films with strong female characters at the forefront need to be brought to cinemas worldwide. This adapted screenplay was written beautifully and Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe with Octavia Spencer delivered it to perfection. These women have such powerful energies inside them that it filled the screen in every single scene. I adored this film. From the very first voiceover of a young Katherine to the very end of Katherine handing her coffee and paperwork over to someone else, it was so uplifting and emotional. I appreciated the fact that Melfi did not sugarcoat how wrong segregation was. Melfi also integrated past footage quite nicely with the rest of the film when it was necessary, he didn’t overdo it and it had this seamless flow. The score complimented the film, Pharrell along with Hans Zimmer composed such fresh music that suited the time perfectly.

I am so giddy after watching this. It is such a strong narrative and Melfi did a wonderful job by capturing the smaller battles that these women had to face before conquering their main goals. Janelle, Octavia and Taraji had amazing chemistry but Taraji was electric. Taraji’s characterization of Katherine was on point even down to the idiosyncrasies and she delivered it so well. These women on screen were feisty, knowledgeable and were not afraid to stand together and lift each other up. If one person stands with a minority and helps normalize their human rights it makes an impact.


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