Listen I have never cared for Shyamalan’s work after The Sixth Sense and Signs. Every other film that he has made has made me frustrated as I watch the narrative unfold. Split is no different. This film is overhyped and people are really disregarding how crude of a narrative this is. Like every other film that he has made it starts off strong and you feel like it’s going to be amazing and then he some how makes horrendous mistakes and it plummets at the end (which I’m not sure he’s fond of because he never ends a movie properly) and leaves you in complete and utter annoyance.

What can I say about James McAvoy? The man is brilliant, he’s absolutely incredible and I have no idea what else he has to do to prove himself in this industry and get recognition. He effortlessly went through the personalities and I was in awe. However, as we approach the end of this film the display of the personality disorder is tainted and dehumanized by Shyamalan in the final act which I found even more disturbing than the three teenagers being kidnapped. I swear if it wasn’t for James McAvoy I would have stayed away from this because of how much Shyamalan’s work pisses me off. I haven’t been this angry since The Happening.


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