Free Fire Film Review

Ben Wheatley has mastered utilizing his location to its full potential. Free Fire was an exhilarating ride from beginning to end. The entire cast had a wonderful chemistry and their comedic timing seemed effortless. The entire film takes place in a warehouse and I swear it did not feel like two hours at all. It is one of the funniest and probably one of the most savage shoot outs I’ve ever seen in my life. The screenplay was beautifully penned and the structure of the film suited it perfectly. The concept was so simple that it didn’t even cross my mind once that they had to move to a different location. You may go into Free Fire expecting it to be boring because of the one location but Wheatley brings forth this overused narrative in a unique way.

I also loved the fact that Brie Larson was the only woman present in this entire debauchery of gun running. The men all had different characteristics but they all had very large egos. The films relevance in today’s society shows the stupidity of guns and gun laws. I found it very funny that Brie Larson’s character Justine had enough of these men and their childish antics. The whole film had perfectly timed dialogue that had me in stitches. Armie Hammer  was a standout and so was Sharlto Copley, they were hilarious and made the humour much richer. This film is such a wild ride and the ending will make you smile.


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