Month: June 2017

Wonder Woman Review

For about 75 years the legend of Wonder Woman has been developed and interpreted by many. From animated series to television shows we have had variations of her story. However, this is the first time in comic book history that there has been a female centric standalone. On top of that we have also been blessed with a wonderfully talented female director who has opened the gates for many other wildly talented female director’s to tackle a franchise film such as this one.

Wonder Woman is monumental in every aspect of the word. It was overwhelming to see such strong female characters grace the screen in Themyscira. The Amazonian women were regal warriors and Patty Jenkins made sure to film them in such a unique way. The combat choreography was brilliantly created and executed. Jenkins framed Diana Prince’s origin story in the simplest way and it completely worked. Jenkins made it seem effortless and that’s what I loved about it. It was a well crafted period piece and they integrated her mythology with humanity quite nicely.

The shining star of this film is Gal Gadot. Gal has such a wonderful presence on screen and she truly is the embodiment of Diana Prince. Gal was able to show most of her emotions through her reactions and it made for a much more complex performance. Gal and Chris Pine had a lovely natural chemistry, they worked extremely well together!

I do have to give a shoutout to Zack Snyder who helped write the story because it was filled with love and hope. This film, this superhero is exactly what we as a society need right now. This film took it back to the roots of war and it’s alarming to see how things have stayed the same. Humanity is the key element of Wonder Woman. She adapts to the trials and tribulations that society is faced with and that is her biggest test. This film is extremely important on so many levels. So please go out and buy tickets to see one of DC’s finest.