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Passengers Review

I really have no idea what to say about Passengers that hasn’t already been said.

This screenplay was atrocious and the fact that this movie was created is a complete joke. It has been on the black list for years and I can see why no one would touch this thing with a ten foot pole. Naturally in order for a script this crappy to even be picked up there has to be A list stars willing to do it just for the money and I’m convinced that is what happened here. It is alarming that a relationship such as Aurora’s and Jim’s was even allowed to be brought to screens because of how toxic it was. I never thought anyone could make any of Pratt’s characters seem creepy and irredeemable but Passengers did that. The fact that he took her life away was appalling to me and a female character should not be treated that way in this day and age. Yes she beat the shit out of him when she found out, yes she stopped talking to him but to have her save him at the end after everything is utter lunacy.

Apart from the controversial storyline, which for once I actually felt bad for a Jennifer Lawrence character it was utterly boring and repetitive. Passengers proves that neither of them are good enough to carry a movie on their own. Morten Tyldum did what he could with a horrible script but it wasn’t enough. The only thing I will give Passengers is that it had pretty visuals and the cinematography was tolerable. The first half of the film is boring and could have honestly been cut down but sure go ahead and show time passing by having Pratt grow a beard.

Another thing that could have saved this movie was the chemistry between Jen and Pratt but there was zero of it. Nothing. It was completely forced because there was the impending notion that he woke her up so anything he did I felt victimized her. It was odd seeing them together, they are such an odd pairing maybe it’s because they look alike and could literally pass as siblings. There was no sexual chemistry which could have made not only the sex scenes but the intimate scenes leading up to it a bit richer.

This film was a dud, a flop and it shouldn’t have been made but sure go make mediocre movies with A listers so you guys can keep up with the rest of them. Great job Sony.


Why the Remake?

It has come to my attention that many of the films being created are not original ideas anymore. The films that have originality are now seen and labelled as independent films that may be unable to endure the mainstream crowd of blockbusters, sequels and adaptations. In this case the films being created are either reboots of blockbusters, remakes of classics or sequels to beloved films. Audiences, Critics and Creators are getting frustrated with the wrong films, they are paying attention to the blockbusters and how wrong they are instead of focusing on independent films or films that have originality. The blockbusters will always be there, whether they are good or bad, audiences are apart of a brand and no amount of negativity will get them to change their views.


I have been inspired to write this post by the remake of Ben-Hur. This film directed by William Wyler, who is a complete visionary in 1959 was instantly labelled as a classic. It was labelled as an epic because it was an epic in every single way you could categorize an epic. You had one of the biggest stars in Charlton Heston and a powerful story. In 1960 Ben-Hur swept, this film swept the Academy Awards and won Best Picture. If Ben-Hur did all this and is categorized as a classic, why would anyone even think to remake it? Ben-Hur was not a blockbuster in 1959, it was not only about an epic chariot race there was more to the story than that. They reduced an epic that William Wyler created into a summer BlockBust. This is my problem with Remakes of Classics, they are classics for a reason. Do not touch them at all. Leave them alone. There is absolutely no way anyone can recapture these epics in all their glory because it was done in a period where they did not rely on technology to enhance the storyline at all. There was an uproar for Ghostbusters because it was being rebooted with an all female cast but the real crime here is remaking a classic.  I can’t stress enough that these films were made so differently, they were structured as two acts with an intermission in the middle and they felt the need to tell this story. Ben-Hur is one film that has been watched repeatedly, it is one of the few like The Ten Commandments and The King of Kings that are actually shown on specific holidays. This remake of Ben-Hur is a horrible way to honour a film of this calibre, an Oscar winning film.