Ben Younger

Bleed For This 

Bleed for This may appear to be another boxing biopic but the powerful, heartfelt true story of Vinny Pazienza adds much more to this genre. Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart gave such effortless performances, as if these roles were made for them. As many know a boxer is only as good as his trainer and how their dynamic flourishes throughout each aspect of their lives. Bleed For This allows this relationship to be tested and grow with each match. From director and writer Ben Younger comes a boxing film and true underdog story that reinvents the sports genre. Every aspect of this film was refreshing and in the end rewarding to not only the filmmakers but to the audience as well. 
This film allows the audience to empathize with Vinny because he is such a likeable character and because Miles Teller gave one of the best performances of his career. Miles Teller embodied every single aspect of a boxer, especially the mentality which made his performance stronger. His cockiness and his ambition was remarkable, his drive and perseverance with the help of his trainer Kevin Rooney played by the the unrecognizable Aaron Eckhart carried the heart of the story. 
The film played off of it’s subtleties and repetition throughout his life, much like his boxing career, he went through a routine, which instantly made the atmosphere more comforting. However, when Vinny was out of his routine, the feeling was quite the opposite and the contrast was evident but the mentality of his perseverance held his sanity together. 
Younger brought a refreshing take on the boxing world and added so much originality within the frame. Due to the fact that this is a true story, the integration of actual footage from Pazz’s matches as well as interviews were done quite nicely and transitioned from present film footage to original footage quite seamlessly. This is a unique boxing film, from the characters to the score to the footage and perseverance in the ring. Miles Teller captivated you with his performance and had a beautiful heartfelt dynamic with his family as well as his love for boxing.