David Oyelowo

A United Kingdom 

A film of love and devotion to one mans country and the heartfelt unity of a man and his wife. Amma Asante delivers a remarkable narrative, in its execution and seamless integration of social and political issues. This well rounded film captivates audiences through the subject matter of racial segregation and the determination of a couple willing to change the hierarchy. A United Kingdom is a beautiful piece of artistry, a wonderful spell-binding story with so much power, with so much heart and perseverance. 
This emotional narrative based on a true story brought forward a remarkable performance from David Oyelowo and a responsive subtle yet powerful performance by Rosamund Pike. These two powerful forces together on screen was a dream to watch. They played each other’s equals, it was incredibly moving and they were a match made in film heaven. David Oyelowo had such passion for this story and it came through on screen. 
This film was executed with such grace and power, every frame was a progression of their love for each other. Amma Asante is truly a visionary and what she has done with this film will speak volumes for future filmmakers as a pivotal piece. A United Kingdom is more than just a love story, it is more than a role reversal, it is more than just a political statement. This film encapsulates every aspect of social change that we as a people and as a community should strive for, a sense of ultimate acceptance no matter the race.