Before the Flood 

What do we know about our planet Earth? We know that we have been blessed to live on it. We know that we have beautiful creations all around us but what we do not know or understand in this matter is how impactful the human race is on this planet. Before the Flood is an educational documentary about Climate Change and how serious a subject it is. 
Academy Award winning Documentary Director Fisher Stevens along with Academy Award Winner and Environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio present us with the utmost knowledge and facts about the terrifying thought of our world ending in disaster, if we as humans do not take action. The documentary is extremely well done, the structured narrative was thought provoking and heartfelt. Although DiCaprio’s views are a bit pessimistic, his determination to advise audiences about Clinate Change is the driving force of this documentary. Along with stunning visuals by Antonio Rossi that captured the terror and the beauty that our planet beholds. 
This documentary allows audiences to collect their own perceptions of how conglomerates and political business tactics come to fruition in regards to our natural resources and the destruction that fossil fuels create, not only in North America but in countries around the world. This piece of filmmaking can change anyone’s views on this subject matter and I advise everyone to tune in on October 30th on National Geographic. Listen to these filmmakers, they are trying to make a difference and so can we.