Lion Review

Lion is a powerful true story that brought the extremely talented Sunny Pawar to our screens. Sunny did a wonderful job carrying the beginning of the film, he has this natural presence that filled every single scene that he had. However, the first half of the film was extremely slow and there could have been other ways to show time passing than having those inter-texts popping up every so often, it really broke the flow. The second half picked up and was stronger with Dev Patel who held this film together. Dev Patel gave such an emotional performance and had great chemistry with Nicole Kidman who of course gave a moving performance. Dev Patel truly shined in this and he moved me to tears by moving his cursor over Google Earth, that’s how wonderful is performance was.

There were many problems with the structure of this film that really impacted the overall feel of this film. At times because of the editing I was taken out of the experience and thrown back in. The last 15 minutes were extremely emotional but it doesn’t make up for the how poor the pacing was for the entire film. I really wanted to like this as much as people have said that they loved it but the film as a whole is flawed. Dev and Sunny were its saving grace and it still wasn’t enough to pull on my heartstrings the way it has for others.