Martin Scorsese


Martin Scorsese is a master class director who continuously exceeds expectations. Silence is an outstanding addition to his lengthy filmography and it has left me speechless, deeply moved and somewhat enlightened. He is a master, a true visionary and he has created such vivid images in this piece that have made me emotional. There are religious symbols in Christian faith that are held with the utmost love and respect and he used them in such a powerful way. Expertly crafted in every single way, with a powerful screenplay and exemplary performances, specifically Andrew Garfield whose work is remarkable. His passion project is a monumental expedition of spirituality, culture and faith no matter what you believe in. He pulls on emotional strings that you never thought you would be able to express until he takes you on this journey. This film is an experience and will leave you questioning almost everything. Silence is the purest form of honest faith that I have seen in years of religious based cinema.

Scorsese used such beautiful imagery and told this story in a Biblical way. The voiceovers used during scenes to fill the silence were stunning and it felt like a sermon being delivered. Scorsese played upon the silence in every single scene and integrated the voiceovers seamlessly. The score complemented the film so well and it captured Japan quite nicely. I adored the idea of unity that Scorsese enforced in this film. He allowed the Christian faith to be interpreted as any other and that it was being shamed by a higher physical power but the metaphysical beliefs would always be considered that of the highest power. Audiences will watch this and understand that everyone can see the unity of spirituality and cultural identity. That we can live in a world where people are free to have faith in whatever being they want and that we can have solidarity among nations.