Hold on, let me wipe the tears streaming down my face.

After a decade of Hugh Jackman gracing us with his portrayal of Wolverine, James Mangold was the only person who could have ended it with Old Man Logan. Logan is crisp, vibrant, ruthless and an emotional whirlwind wrapped in a glorious rated R story. They truly saved the best instalment for last and I am left speechless. Wolverine’s origins story is messy and painful which then leads to Laura Kinney who has a most horrid past. Logan makes Wolverine whole, it makes him a well rounded person, the perfect closure to a character who has lost so much.

The beginning of this film will make you remember why you fell in love with Logan in the first place. The first scene alone captures Logan’s character beautifully and it will make you feel overwhelmed with how well his character develops by the end of this. Mangold made incredible choices with the action sequences that I sat there with my mouth opened for the majority of the stunts he attempted.

There were some great moments between Charles and Logan that I really missed seeing because we have been deprived of their chemistry for awhile now. When Laura was introduced it was subtle and the kid had heart. She was gritty, funny and charming just like a certain someone we know. Laura Kinney is going to be an incredible force and I could not be more excited for her to begin her journey.

To Hugh Jackman, I thank you my good sir for taking care of Logan. Logan was one of the strongest that the mutants had, a true leader. The whole point of the X-Men was to embrace the outsider status and stand united against those who didn’t agree with mutants being different. They were afraid of things they couldn’t understand and Logan was a symbol of that. This was the perfect ending for a legendary character and the final image will stay with you long after you watch it.


Doctor Strange Review

Well Marvel, you have finally made a film that made me die of boredom. I have never been so disinterested in a character’s journey in my entire life and I never thought that this company would be the one to deliver on that.

Doctor Strange is nothing more than a failed inception-esque acid trip that could literally double as a lego movie. I have never been so disappointed in a Marvel film in my life and I watched The Incredible Hulk. This film was a magic trick in itself, Marvel managed to make it look visually stunning so that it could trick you into thinking that this film was revolutionary. The sorcery and effects took you away from the uninventive story structure and the lack of substance from literally every aspect of this film except for the score.

Stephen Strange is a self-absorbed, condescending, egotistical asshole and I did not gain one ounce of sympathy for him at all. He is not a likeable character and it’s not Benedict’s fault. They tried to make him relevant, they tried and tried to make him fit into the Marvel universe but there is no way I can see him fitting in with the rest of them at all. There is no character development, he was weak, he lacked any form of humanity. There is a problem when the secondary characters are funnier and are written better than the main protagonist. Every other person in this film deserved so much more, Chiwetel, Rachel and Mads were wasted. The three of them are so extremely talented that they were actually wasted on something like this.

This did not need to be a standalone. There was no need to show his origin story because it was so boring. I just wanted him to be Doctor Strange already. I just wanted him to perform his magic tricks, I don’t care how he got them, he just needed to have them. This is was cringeworthy to sit through because of how formulaic and repetitive it was. I probably laughed once or twice and it was forced laughter, this entire film felt forced and unnecessary.

I won’t even begin to touch upon how incredibly offensive and horrendous The Ancient One’s whitewashing was because I was angry every time I saw Tilda on screen.

I am very disappointed in Marvel. They gave us a Phase 1 calibre film when we are opening Phase 3. I don’t understand how people can be blinded by the visual effects (which were excessive, over done and borderline insane) and still say it’s fantastic. I don’t understand what movie you all are watching to say that this was Marvel’s best? I just can’t believe how overhyped this was and that we are stuck with Doctor Strange taking the place of Tony Stark, which the character is incapable of doing.