Ruth Negga

Loving Film Review


A simplistic true story that allowed audiences to understand the civil rights movement in all its hardship, Loving brings together a touching and heartfelt story. Ruth Negga had captured Mildred’s spirit and determination. Her strength and maternal energy had a calmness that filled the atmosphere of the film. However, the film itself lacked in the structured narrative, it was extremely slow and nothing had escalated. I expected some sort of climax or any confrontation from either of them but there was nothing. It was just a waiting game but nothing ended up happening. The film depicts their home life as normal and loving just as any family but the struggle was unseen and it felt like it was just known. There was little to no dialogue and it just lacked in anything relevant enough to progress the story. In the end they decided to explain in text format what happened to the family later on which was more tragic than the actual struggle for them to remain married. I had high hopes for this film to be rounded and emotional but sadly it did not reach it.